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Welcome to the WCU Newsletter

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2021! Here you will find out about all the new and exciting things that WCU is offering. Also, there are fun activities for children to do on their own or as a family. If you are from Queens Park School you can visit our WCU google classroom, Here you will find an amazing selection of activities, quizzes and learning materials. These activities are also available on the WCU website, We have also started our own online ebay where you can pick up all sorts of bargains from £1-£10. This site is not to make money we simply want to share new and used toys, clothes, bags and shoes in our local community.  Visit Bring Dem on 

Year 4 win Bank of England Film Competition Congratulations to all Year 4 for their hard work and creativity. The Bank of England film competition is open to all English schools and this year's theme was about the changes Covid 19 has made to working life. 

The judges said of Year 4's entry that they "enjoyed watching your entry and were impressed by the students' filmmaking skills. The fact that your students produced such a first-rate film is a great credit to them and they should feel very proud of their 

achievement." The students won a small money prize which will go towards an item they want for class collectively. Well done Year 4! 

Wonderful Wind Chimes! 

1. Choose your materials and decide what will form the base of your hanging structure before you begin. Then decide how you will arrange your ‘noisy’ items. 2. Cut string to different lengths to attach your noisy items. Make sure they will bump into each other to make noise. 

3. Attach your items to the string. For copper pipes and cutlery, just attach one item. For keys or shells, attach them in a series, knotting each one to keep it in place.  4. Repeat several more times, spreading the threads evenly around the base. Make a loop of string to hang the wind chime from a tree or arch where it will catch the breeze. 5. Ensure it is above head height so no one will walk into it. 

Selection of items to make interesting sounds such as; Metal objects: copper pipe, keys, cutlery or natural objects: shells, short lengths of bamboo 

Create a dinosaur herb garden 

You will need 

Dinosaur figures, Wine crate, Children’s non-toxic paint, Paint brush, Permanent black marker Compost, Parsley plant, Sage plant, Thyme plant, Strawberry plant, Watering can. How to do it: Stencil the name of your child onto the crate to make the garden extra-special for them. Place a layer of compost in the bottom of the crate, then plant the herbs and strawberry plant. Add more compost around them, then firm down lightly and water well. Paint the dinosaurs different colours and leave them to dry on a sheet of newspaper. Once they are completely dry, write down the name of each plant on each dinosaur, in marker pen. Position each dinosaur next to its plant. Then place the container in a bright spot and water it daily. Pick the herbs with your children.