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Our University Partner

Our University partner is The University of Westminster..


‘We could do a lot more. We need to start at a younger age – finding young people’s strengths and talents, creating pathways through primary and secondary education before we get to the entry point of higher education. For many young people, further education is a vital stepping stone into higher education, or an alternative pathway to work.’
- Lady Sorrell,
Chancellor of University of Westminster
At Westminster, we recognise the importance of working with our local community and boroughs to realise the ambitions set out by our chancellor. We recognise that working in partnership with such progressive initiatives such as the Children’s University, we can help children of many ages and backgrounds to find confidence and inspiration - engaging in extra-curricular and wider activity that helps them aspire to satisfaction and fulfilment through their opportunities later in life.
By working together to embrace the skills of young people and face the challenges present to the most vulnerable, we can strive to better ourselves and the prospects of the future generation in Westminster and beyond.
- Jim Carlberg, Outreach Officer and Schools Liaison – University of Westminster.