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Movies are a really powerful experience, and we want to know what your experience of films is.


Review writing is an integral part of what Into Film do, and something we encourage young people of all ages and abilities to get involved with. Writing critical reviews of films is a fantastic means of improving young people's writing skills, freeing them to flex their literacy muscles in a way that's fun and focuses on creativity rather than perfecting spelling and punctuation, ultimately helping young people to develop a unique voice of their own.

What's more, writing reviews can lead to a deeper understanding of film and storytelling in general, as young people build their analytical skills through discussion of theme, structure and characterisation. They can also check out other people's reviews on our site and become part of a community young reviewers.

Each review posted on our website is read by a member of staff, who will check the review for inappropriate content, language or instances of cyberbullying, to ensure young people can engage safely with reviews by their peers across the UK. In addition, all films included in the Into Film catalogue are expertly curated to ensure they boast appropriate links to curriculum subjects, from English and history to music and science.

Review 500 competition offers a great way to deepen engagement and improve young people's literacy skills. Into Film regularly award prizes for the best reviews, plus winners will have their reviews published on IMDb, the world's largest internet movie database

Use this template to write your own film reviews