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Bug Club Field Guide Author interview

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Meet Marley one of our most knowledgeable invertebrate enthusiasts and find out how to create field guides just like his.

Invertebrates are animals without a backbone or bony skeleton. They range in size from microscopic mites and almost invisible flies to giant squid with soccer-ball-size eyes. This is by far the largest group in the animal kingdom: 97 percent of all animals are invertebrates.

Create Camo Critters!




For this project you will be colouring an animal of your choice with a pattern to help it camouflage with a background!



  • paper
  • critter printout or a critter outline you drew yourself
  • scissors
  • glue
  • paint or something to colour with



Step 1: Choose a Critter




For this step, you can choose one of the printable critter outlines provided in this post or draw your own critter outline!


Step 2: Paint Your Critter!



Choose a pattern and paint your critter with the pattern. You can choose a colourful, fun pattern or a more realistic pattern. For my project, I looked up the colouring of a copperhead snake and used that as an inspiration. This is a very fun project to practice painting skills on but it can also be done with colouring supplies or other creative methods of pattern making (collage, printing, etc). Since you will be cutting your critter out later, you don’t need to worry about painting outside of the lines.


Step 3: Create a Background


Next, you will paint the same pattern you used on your critter on a full sheet of paper. This will be the background that your critter will blend into!


Step 4: Camouflage Your Critter!



Cut your critter out and position it on your background however you like. Glue the critter in place and show off your awesome camouflage art project!

Try our spider drawing game


To play: Each player takes turns to roll the die, following the chart to know which spider part to draw (each spider has five body parts in total – a cephalothorax (head), abdomen, pedipalps, eyes, and a set of legs). Each player will draw four spiders in total, one on each hanging piece of web. You may be working on drawing multiple spiders at once, you do not need to finish one spider before commencing the next. The first person to finish drawing all four spiders on their game sheet wins the game.

Weekly Fan art and profiles

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Winners so far !

Stella and Hannah's Bug Hang Out Fan Art

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