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Kindness Week


  1. Give compliments

    Give a compliment to your friends and even strangers during World Kindness Week. Compliment their new haircut, outfit, or anything you like about them.

  2. Do a random act of kindness

    Smile at strangers passing by, hold open a door, or give up your seat on public transport. Even these small gestures are a nice way of showing kindness to others.

  3. Donate

    Donate books, clothes, food, essential medicines, and even money to a charity of your choice.





  1. Kindness is teachable

    We are psychologically wired to help someone in need.

  2. It’s contagious

    Witnessing an act of kindness improves our mood, making us more likely to pay it forward.

  3. Kindness makes you live longer

    There’s 44% less chance of dying early if you are kind.

  4. Serotonin source

    Like most medical antidepressants, kindness stimulates the production of serotonin.

  5. Kindness has anti-aging effects

    Perpetually kind people have 23% less stress hormone and age slower than the average population.

50 Random Acts Of Kindness For Kids: 

1. Clean Your Room Without Being Asked 

2. Let Someone Have A Turn Before You 

3. Help Someone Struggling With Homework 

4. Smile At Everyone You See Today 

5. Leave A Kind Note For Your Teacher 


6. Be Caught Being Kind 

7. Ask Someone Playing Alone To Play With You 

8. Pick Up Trash In Your Neighborhood 

9. Only Let Kind Words Out 

10. Pick A Few Toys To Donate 


11. Make It A No Complaining Day 

 12. Cheer Up A Friend In Need Of Cheering Up 

13. Make A Card & Give It To Someone Special 

14. Clean Up After Someone Else 

15. Help Someone Before They Ask You 


16. Walk A Neighbors Dog


17. Make Someone Else’s Bed 

18. Offer To Help Your Teacher At Recess 

19. Compliment 5 People Today 

20. Thank Those Who Help At Lunch 


21. Tell Your Teachers Thank You

22. Say Hello To Everyone You Meet Today 

23. Teach Someone Something New 

24. Make A Card For Hospitalized Kids

25. Send A Card To A Soldier


26. Make A Pretty BookMark & Leave It In A Library Book 

27. Do A chore For Someone Without them knowing 

28. Use Only Positive Words 

29. Let Someone Go Ahead Of You In Line 

30. Write A Thank You Note To Your Principal 


31. Tell A Loved One How Important they Are To You 

32. Share A Smile With Someone Who Needs It

33. Rake Leaves or Shovel Snow For A Neighbor

34. Bring A Neighbors Garbage Up Their Driveway

35. Pick Up Litter On The Playground


36. Hold The Door For A Stranger

37. Return A Cart For Someone At The Store

38. Say Something Nice To Everyone You Talk To Today

39. Call Your Grandparents Just To Chat

40. Share A Joke With A Friend Who Needs It


41. Give A Extra Hug To Your Parents 

42. Say Thank You All Day Long

43. Share Your Toys With Your Siblings

44. Do A Favor For Someone Today

45. Include A New Friend


46. Read A Book To A Family Member

47. Be A Positive Influence On Others

48. Share A Laugh With Someone Who Needs It

49. Let Someone Go Ahead Of You In Line

50. Tell Someone Why They Are Important To You