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STEM with TWIN, Cognizant and Let's Localise

STEM Week 2024 TWIN Coding with Lets Localise

Uploaded by Westminster Children's University on 2024-06-06.

Grape Pianos ?

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Using TWIN to experiment with different fruit pianos

More Experiments

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Changing it up

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STEM week coding and circuits with Twin ,Hour of Code, Scratch and Let's Localise

Our STEM and Food-Source Project

Though some may be disgusted at the idea of eating bugs, eating insects can change the world for the better. They're efficient to produce, healthy, and they take only 8-10% of the resources needed for the production of beef and emit 9% of the CO².Enjoyed around the world, insects are delicious, nutritious and sustainable. They are high in protein and - as you’ll see - use less of our precious planet’s resources to farm.

For every IKG of meat we farm we create around 2500 units of Methane gas.

We have been learning about alternative foods and recipes and why they might become a reality for more of us in the future.

STEM and sustainability Bugs

STEM with Twin Bug Sorter

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Meet My New Pet GIANT Fruit Beetle GRUB | Setting Up My Pachnoda Marginata Tank

In today's video I am setting up a tank for my Pachnoda Grub aka Pachnoda Marginata aka African Fruit Beetle Larvae! These are often sold as live reptile food, however you can keep them and raise them as pets like me!

Here are some photos of year 1 making their journey sticks in meanwhile garden. We were using natural objects we found in our walk through the park to document what flora and fauna we would encounter in a local natural space. 

Journey Sticks -Local Habitats

Why are bees important?

SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ► Bees are important, right? That seems to be the general consensus. But is it true? And should you still care even if you don't eat honey. Phil argues that the answer is 'yes' and presents his top five reasons that explain just why bees are so important.

Bee Cups

In this week's Degrees of Science we are talking with Jen Rose, a Texas-based eco-artist about her new creation Bee Cups. These handmade porcelain sculptures help to provide water to bees during hot and dry weather. #kwtx #science #bees #ecology #climate #art #texas #texasweather #ecoart

Water for Bees - Learn how to create a simple watering station for bees and beneficial insects

Water for Bees is a Project Apis m. and Blue Diamond Growers initiative that provides clean water for pollinating bees during the almond bloom. Watch the video to learn how to make your own watering station for the bees and beneficial insects in your own backyard.

Bee & butterfly water station

Butterfly #Insects #DIY #Garden Bee & butterfly and other cool insects watering hole. Hopefully the pollinators will find there way here to drink some water. This is a DIY how to do it yourself or just inspiration for making it your own. Let me know in the comments what you think or if you made one yourself.