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A Future Without Rubbish Updates and Activities

Future Without Rubbish Trash to Treasure Piggy Bank Competition



The TrTrTr project with Diana Le judging for A Future without Rubbish’s TrTrTr.

This has been a great start to our children’s project with A Future without Rubbish, it was lovely to see all of the thoughtful creations from our students, with especially creative ideas from our KS1 students. As a wellbeing school we seek to promote connectivity with one’s self and the environment, this project has allowed students to reflect on the impact of neglecting to recycle and the possibilities of use for reusable items and materials both locally and globally. The assemblies given by Luke and his team were informative and well received as was the creative upcycling project culminating in a competition. We look forward to working with Luke and the A Future without Rubbish team in the near future and feel their project is a creative and empowering activity for students to engage with.





Future Without Rubbish Recycled Owl Craft Activity

Recycling CU project