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Did you realize that technology can help us live more sustainably and save the environment? Thanks to advances we’ve made in the past decade alone there are tools you can use to help protect the planet and our future.

Technology allows us to reduce our energy consumption and we have apps that allow us keep track of our carbon footprint and be more conscientious when making decisions. Both of which benefit the environment.

Future Energy Tech Solutions

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What is Eco-Friendly Technology

For a piece of technology to be sustainable and good for the planet in the long run, it needs to have certain qualities. The best-case scenario is when a gadget ticks all boxes, but even if it only meets a few of the following criteria it can still be good for the environment:

  1. It’s made solely or chiefly from recycled and/or reused materials
  2. Greenhouse gas emissions are low
  3. Uses little to no natural resources
  4. Draws energy from renewable resources like sunlight or wind
  5. Consumes less energy than conventional counterparts
  6. Has low impact on the environment

The good news? In 2021 many everyday items share most of these qualities. Even the cheapest, mass-produced pieces of technology are infinitely better for the environment than they used to be twenty years ago.

Sustainability Challenges for Kids is all about taking the important concept of sustainability and making it easy to understand and fun to learn about. Sustainability can mean making smart choices about the food we eat, being conscientious of the energy we use, treating everyone equally, making sure that gender and racial equity is achieved, and so much more. All of the activities are based around making choices that help people, communities, and environments, be healthy now and in the future. 

Every week, new creative activities and resources based on one of the 17 Good Life Goals will be released so that families can learn how sustainability is relevant to their everyday life. Activities will cover daily challenges, scavenger hunts in your community, and a do-it-yourself experience where you will imagine and create your own sustainable city at home.





Design your own Green/Eco-Friendly Car or Machine