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National Children's Day

National Children's Day UK


On 15 May and the week running up to it, we will be celebrating the rights and freedoms of childhood, while promoting all the wonderful work organisations and individuals do to help children grow up happy and healthy.

This year we are also asking you to support our theme of 'Choose Kind' when running activities or posting on social media. We appreciate that with Covid still rampant, it is difficult to run special events, however, we hope that you'll find a way to incorporate the theme into your regular activities.



  • Talking about what makes people kind and unkind
  • Examples of sharing and cooperation
  • Stories that illustrate kindness and unkindness
  • Paintings, drawing and craft activities 
  • Talking about families and how sometimes people are unkind because they are worried or unhappy
  • Talking about how acts of kindness and unkindness make us feel
  • Talking about how to respond to acts of kindness and unkindness
  • Talking about what the world would look like if everyone was kind to each other


  • ‚ÄčAssemblies on the subject of choosing to be kind, rather than unkind
  • The science and biology of unkindness - what makes people unkind and how it affects them and others
  • A day of random acts of kindness, those acts to be celebrated after the event
  • Lessons on why it's important to be kind and how it makes both the person being kind and the recipient of kindness feel good
  • How bullying, judgement and unkindness harm both the unkind person and the recipient
  • A  short drama around the subject, or encouraging creative writing around kindness and unkindness
  • Poems, short stories, blogs, podcasts
  • Drawings and paintings that show the impact of both kind and unkind thoughts and actions