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Me and Ellie in the Rain


Coming from a teaching background, running a youth centre and PRU programmes, I re-educated alongside raising my family to follow my passion to become a dog trainer.

After adopting Jock from a rescue centre, he became my key lever for making a difference. When invited to work at my local primary school, I discovered that we had a large positive impact and became integral to school life.

After studying Neuro-linguistic programming, I was able to create a programme to suit all needs for dogs, staff, children and parents.

Jock and I have been sharing our knowledge and experience with an ever growing list of schools throughout the UK and into Europe since 2013. Jock is now retired with a new batch of Dog Mentors taking the programme forward.

This programme enables the educational environment to have their own dog to realise the full benefit that comes from having a dog in school.

Year 3 Have been Drawing Lurky

The Dog Mentor Programme has built upon the benefits of the human-animal bond by providing children positive experiences with dogs that can help them educationally, developmentally,

emotionally and socially.

Over the past 8 years, implementation of The Dog Mentor Programme in Primary and Secondary schools across the UK has proven to have significant impact on many children’s lives.

These positive impacts follow the premise that improving communication within schools will improve behaviour.

If you are thinking about taking your dog into school and achieving greater outcomes for all of your pupils, you have come to the right place!

The Dog Mentor Programme has been implemented in over 90 schools in the last two years alone. There are now more than 120 Dog Mentor dogs working in school every day.

Lurky says-It's been a busy week for me, I have done my first week of work. I  sometimes get nervous, but it's always so good to see everyone.

Everyone has been so kind to me, Year 3 drew me, Ismail made me a great card, Charlie did coding for me on Scratch and walked me and Ellie is helping me be brave( walking in the mornings).


Miss March Stroked my nose to make me feel welcome, Miss Cullen was patient with me when I was scared in the office and Miss Chung was kind to me when I was sick.


Miss Ardiana and Mr Roxas let me help out in the office and I even got to sit in Miss Ardiana's chair. Thank you all for making me so welcome!

Lurky Says : Hi there everyone ,wow it's my second week!

I have been really busy ,Ellie has really helped me with my morning walking and I am getting more confident each time we go out together. I am very good for her and she always gets to see my best behaviour.

On Monday we took an extra long journey to school and I got to do my favourite hobby, pigeon watching ,I counted 13 and didn't bark at even one!

Charlie has been looking after me , coding a dog show story for me in scratch and year 3 are looking forward to my party next week ,I will be the VIP guest as it's my second birthday, what fun! Charlie, Ellie and Omar are coming too and helping set it up.

Renata came and shared her book this week, don't you think I look a bit like Hector? I felt really special and saved a special copy for Charlie, Marley and Hatim as they are special friends of mine who all work incredibly hard.

Ellie and I walking to school

Hector Fans

Charlie, Marley and Hatim, my 3 hard working best friends

Me, Lurky visiting the park with two of my bestest friends

My Pup Party Helpers

My Pup Party and Pals

Lurky says-Hello everyone, can you believe it’s October already ? The autumn is thoroughly here ,I have been really enjoying walking through all the crunchy leaves on the way to school this month and I haven’t even minded the puddles (although I am quite short and my paws get wet) ,it’s been so much fun.

I had a great week this week ,which was super busy but not as busy as my special friend Charlie! He worked so hard helping me get my pup party ready. He did all the shopping for the goody bags; he made the goody bags (all 44 of them ) and he looked after me during the party too. It helped to make me feel really happy and safe.


I am so grateful to Charlie for all of his kindness and for being a super friend ;we had a great time hanging out together this week as usual and we even went to the park with Ellie. When Charlie came, he could help me with my lead and walked too for the first time, which was brilliant. I was very good for him and I really enjoyed watching them them play, before we went back to school together.

Year 3 were amazing at my party ,we had such fun !W e did team games and problem-solving and we had face-painting and glitter tattoos. I helped Hannah do the glitter tattoos ,even though the glitter kept going up my nose ,I think I was sniffing things I shouldn’t have been. Charlie came over and helped distract me from the glitter pots, I really like the sparkly pink one the best .Some of the children even fed me some treats and I got to meet everybody in Year 3, which has been amazing.

Ellie has got me to school on time every day this week, even though I stop and sniff every tree and spin her around lots and lots .We love our morning walks together and I’m getting more and more confident each day thanks to Ellie .She even came down to help me out at my pup party and I sat on her lap and she kept me nice and calm. I really love our times together and Ellie's sensibleness and kindness always helps me feel safe.

Ellie hurt her wrist today and I am sending her special Lurky-licks and am hoping that she gets better soon ;she’s an amazing friend to have and I hope she is feeling much better now.
Aamina and Ollie have been so brave , them both of them have had similar injuries and they are both in school working hard to get around and complete their lessons ;they are so brave and resilient, I think they’re too great role-models who help me feel braver.
On the subject of role models ,a big shout- out and Lurky howl to the year 3s who got an extra treat as a thank you for their perfect conduct throughout our sessions together in Year 3.Well done:  Hatim, Marley, Boubacar, Flynn, Yassin and Elonie. I think you are super and a pleasure to be around thank you for your hard work and commitment I can’t wait to see you all again!

Thank you to all of Year 3 for being kind to me and making my party the best one ever; it was so much fun I wish I could do it all again!

Next term, I’ll be back and can’t wait to meet everyone again. I’ll also be going to other schools to meet some new children who I’m hoping to be able to help feel better too! Thank you to everyone at Queen's Park for being so kind and welcoming to me, I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.

Lurky says- Well, who can believe how cold it’s become? I’m so glad that I have such a warm and fluffy coat; it’s super useful for when I collect Ellie in the morning and I’ve noticed that it’s brilliant camouflage since I’m the colour of autumn leaves.
This week, Ellie got her final cast for her injured wrist and hand ,it took her a long time waiting to finally get it done but now it’s all fixed and her cast is orange ,just like me !I think she’s been really brave and I’m pleased that she’s starting to feel a little bit better.
Charlie went to the Wembley Stadium tour and saw the FA Cup, sadly I wasn’t allowed to go as the stadium tour isn’t dog friendly yet, but I really loved looking at all his pictures. I think my favourite was the lions that Charlie found, made of recycled materials. I think they have a haircut a bit like me.
Talking about lookalikes, I also found a miniature statue of someone, he looks a bit like me too.It was leftover from a pinata from the pup party; Miss Wilson is going to keep it by her desk so that I’m always there (even if I’m at home having a rest). It’s been such a busy week, I was really tired once I was at home on Friday morning; this is me sleeping during my weekend. You can see that I’ve sorted out all my toys and organised my bed. How about you all ,do you like keeping your bedroom tidy?
More and more schools are asking for me so ,I’m set to be visiting Saint Mary’s and Essendine soon .I’m also going to go to investigate the New Forest school site and see what there is there for fur friends like me.

My Week

Lurky says- It's been soooo busy during the last bit of my week, which is very different from it's beginning, which was quiet. Poor Ellie hurt her hand the day after her new, blue cast was done and has been at home resting it. I have been missing her terribly! Charlie was at home, unwell, for the start of the week and I have been waiting to see him ever since.


I have to admit, I was a bit naughty(barking and chewing) at home as I was missing everyone, but my family were okay about it as they knew I had lost a special bit of my routine and was missing everyone .I will be sure to give them all extra licks and re-tidy my bed at home to say thank you for understanding that we all have bad days and for knowing that I didn't mean it.


I saw Charlie, Callum and Hatim today and we went the park, it was amazing! I was so pleased to see everyone ,even though a Jack Russel shouted at me on the way. Then, I visited some EYFS children and told them all about my adventures and friends.


I love Queen's Park so much and can't wait for next week to come!

My week and Special Friends