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Coming from a teaching background, running a youth centre and PRU programmes, I re-educated alongside raising my family to follow my passion to become a dog trainer.

After adopting Jock from a rescue centre, he became my key lever for making a difference. When invited to work at my local primary school, I discovered that we had a large positive impact and became integral to school life.

After studying Neuro-linguistic programming, I was able to create a programme to suit all needs for dogs, staff, children and parents.

Jock and I have been sharing our knowledge and experience with an ever growing list of schools throughout the UK and into Europe since 2013. Jock is now retired with a new batch of Dog Mentors taking the programme forward.

This programme enables the educational environment to have their own dog to realise the full benefit that comes from having a dog in school.

Year 3 Have been Drawing Lurky

The Dog Mentor Programme has built upon the benefits of the human-animal bond by providing children positive experiences with dogs that can help them educationally, developmentally,

emotionally and socially.

Over the past 8 years, implementation of The Dog Mentor Programme in Primary and Secondary schools across the UK has proven to have significant impact on many children’s lives.

These positive impacts follow the premise that improving communication within schools will improve behaviour.

If you are thinking about taking your dog into school and achieving greater outcomes for all of your pupils, you have come to the right place!

The Dog Mentor Programme has been implemented in over 90 schools in the last two years alone. There are now more than 120 Dog Mentor dogs working in school every day.

Lurky says-It's been a busy week for me, I have done my first week of work. I  sometimes get nervous, but it's always so good to see everyone.

Everyone has been so kind to me, Year 3 drew me, Ismail made me a great card, Charlie did coding for me on Scratch and walked me and Ellie is helping me be brave( walking in the mornings).


Miss March Stroked my nose to make me feel welcome, Miss Cullen was patient with me when I was scared in the office and Miss Chung was kind to me when I was sick.


Miss Ardiana and Mr Roxas let me help out in the office and I even got to sit in Miss Ardiana's chair. Thank you all for making me so welcome!

Lurky Says : Hi there everyone ,wow it's my second week!

I have been really busy ,Ellie has really helped me with my morning walking and I am getting more confident each time we go out together. I am very good for her and she always gets to see my best behaviour.

On Monday we took an extra long journey to school and I got to do my favourite hobby, pigeon watching ,I counted 13 and didn't bark at even one!

Charlie has been looking after me , coding a dog show story for me in scratch and year 3 are looking forward to my party next week ,I will be the VIP guest as it's my second birthday, what fun! Charlie, Ellie and Omar are coming too and helping set it up.

Renata came and shared her book this week, don't you think I look a bit like Hector? I felt really special and saved a special copy for Charlie, Marley and Hatim as they are special friends of mine who all work incredibly hard.

Ellie and I walking to school

Hector Fans

Charlie, Marley and Hatim, my 3 hard working best friends