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Coding with Twin Funded by Cognizant During STEM Week

1.    For secondary schools 15+, we can deliver Job readiness sessions covering 24 topics across – Workplace skills, digital skills, Soft skills and Industry skills. Have attached a brochure for the same.
2.    For secondary schools, we are creating 5 min videos on various job related topics such “day in a life of a developer”, “my career journey”, “what I love about my job” etc.
3.    Technology enabling entrepreneurship – we have a 1 hours session on this as part of job readiness workshop. But this will be a longer and hands-on one.
Primary school:
1.    We created a set of quizzes that children can play and learn. Have attached the same.
2.    We have also created a video on how to create such quizzes which the kids can try and play around. 
3.    We will work on another tutorial on how to make quizzes used a chatbot. We had done this for our employee kids and they loved it. Need to create a video tutorial  - In progress
4.    We are working on creating a video tutorial on TANGRAMs. – In progress
5.    I will work on converting the Vital Being program focussed on Wellbeing, into a virtual one. Will aim to launch this in Nov – Yet to start
6.    Go Green program to train the teachers – growing Microgreens, making bird feeders, hydro gardening, making bioenzym cleaners at home etc. They can then run these programs for students.
7.    Digital enablement of school and teachers for online teaching – MS Teams for education and Adobe spark for content creation. Have attached brochures for the same.
8.    Will look at hosting the future of work and entrepreneurship workshops virtually from Nov.