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Hello, I am Cecilia Valente, the founder of OoberKidsRepublic and the person behind Money Factor - A Kid's Guide to Money & Finance.

So far hundreds of children aged 5-11 have taken Money Factor classes, using OoberKidsRepublic to consolidate what we have learnt in class.

My mission is to empower children to make the right decisions about their money and resources with ease and confidence.

I like to tell my pupils that there is a 'MY' in the word 'Economy' and an 'I' in the word 'Finance'. My point is that money is part of everyone's life.

I encourage a fun learning experience and I engage my pupils with

  •  'drama breaks'
  •  props & costumes
  •  animation-making 

to introduce concepts such as markets, the economy, the beginning of coinage, spending, saving and investing.

Our educational adventures start in the classroom (or after school clubs) and continue through the quizzes, surveys and videos in the 'Learning' section of this website.

The more kids practice, the higher they score. The most diligent pupils win prizes and the right to be my "assistant " in the following class.

My journey started in 2014, when I started managing OoberKidsdRepublic.

Money Factor followed two years later. At first I was nervous about visiting schools to educate youngsters about money. I wondered whether I was up to this challenge, that's when my teaching DNA kicked in!


Family Obsession

Readers - teaching is a family obsession: I have been surrounded by teachers all my life. My mother, most of my aunts (and their friends) and many of my cousins taught and still teach.

In my rebellious youth, I decided I would not (NO, NEIN, NON, NEE, LA, NYET) follow the family teaching tradition and I became a journalist instead.

After writing so much and so long about the investment strategies of large and sophisticated investors, I came to the conclusion that the best, wisest, shrewdest investment is education (mummy, look: you were right all along!!)

And so, it came to pass that, 11 years into my journalism career, I set up OoberKidsRepublic, to provide 'Fun-ancial' education to young minds and get them started on the road to financial awareness!