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Next Monday is Odd Socks Day

Odd Socks Day marks the start of Anti-Bullying Week and this year it's taking place on Monday 15th November. We've got everything you need to celebrate what makes us all unique and spread kindness this year. Odd Socks Day is supported by cBeebies presenter and ABA patron Andy Day and his band 'Andy and the Odd Socks'.

Most importantly, Odd Socks Day is designed to be fun! It’s an opportunity to encourage people to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique!

There is no pressure to wear the latest fashion or to buy expensive costumes.  All you have to do to take part is wear odd socks to your school, at work of at home, it couldn’t be simpler!  Odd Socks day will take place on the first day of Anti-Bullying Week each year to help raise awareness of bullying. We would like to invite participating schools and workplaces to ask participants to make a £1 donation - or any donation you think appropriate - to support us in continuing to coordinate the week every year.

You do not have to raise money to take part - the most important thing is the message of Odd Socks Day - and any money raised for us is a bonus! Make sure you encourage other schools in your local area to get involved!

Last year over 5 million children, 1,000s of parents, 100s of workplaces and lots of celebrities and infuencers got involved. We even had Ant and Dec, Emma Willis, Craig David, Sir Mo Farah and Annamarie donning their odd socks! Don't miss out highlighting the important issue of bullying in such a fun way.

You could even design or make your own odd socks!


Odd Sock Ideas

Our October Holiday Choice for most fun at least cost

Graduation Time...but not as we know it!


I am sure there is no need to remind you of this "unprecedented year" and the corresponding changes to all our lives.  Covid restrictions has of course changed Westminster Children's University graduations.


But, that does not stop us from celebrating the amazing resilience, creativity and skills of our students and

despite lockdowns, home schooling, social distancing..etc more than 1081 CU students will graduate.  Our students have not only participated in a whole range of activities but they have adapted to online activities totalling 111,000 hours.  This is a massive 30,000 extra hours on previous years.


Graduations are taking place now all over the borough and the team have organised a range of school assemblies and fun days instead of Kensington Hall.  Along with receiving certificates students can enjoy ball ponds, circus sills, and other fun activities.


We have everything waiting, certificates, gowns etc


Is your graduation ceremony already booked, if not please get in touch with us soon.  Take pictures and send them to us so we can publicise WCU graduations 2021!







How does it feel to be back at school?


March 8th all school children back at school!  Hurrah!

This is a great thing as all children should be allowed to be free to play, meet their friends and have fun!  That is a child’s right.  But at the same time some children may feel nervous or anxious after being stuck at home for so long without the normal routine.

Luckily children at Queens Park at other WCU schools are able to speak to their teachers and well-being staff about how they are feeling and these people can listen and help pupils get back to school.  If any parents or pupils feel nervous they should speak to a teacher or find out who the well-being officer is – we are always here to help



In the news


Meghan Markle is of mixed race heritage.  Her mother is an African American and her father is white.  Today many children in Britain have parents that come from different countries and cultures.  What do you think about this?  Is it good for the world to have people with a mixed background?  Why?



Eulina joined WCU a year ago in 2020.  Eulina had previously worked with older children so it was a bit of a shock to work with Primary school children, but she has simply loved the energy, creativity and enthusiasm of primary school children. 


Eulina works closely with Stella Wilson to create and organise social, cultural, sporting and educational activities for the young people who belong to the university.  Eulina believes that given the opportunity a child can do anything! She says, when she was young she had lots of teachers who told her she can do anything.  They said she can travel the world and go to amazing places like India and Australia.  They told her she would meet interesting people who had different life to her own, such as a Sherpa in Nepal or a monk in Vietnam.  Eulina took their advice, she did well at school and was able to do all these things and meet fantastic people. 


So, along with the rest of the WCU team Eulina wants to encourage young people, through WCU activities, to learn, question, explore have fun and to boldly go and do things they thought they could not do or go!

Eulina joined WCU a year ago in 2020.  Eulina had previously worked with older children so it was a bit of a shock to work with Primary school children, but she has simply loved the energy, creativity and enthusiasm of primary school children.