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Young Writers 2021

Peculiar Pets is about to take you on an adventure that’s creative, exciting and lets imaginations run wild! What would your perfect peculiar pet be? An acrobatic bunny? A tech savvy puppy? A vegan crocodile? A giraffe that likes to race? A superhero cat? Poets can create animal mash-ups, be inspired by their perfect pet or make your own awesome animal to write your poem about. It’s a great theme for sense, narrative or riddle poems as well as acrostics and rhymes. It also showcases poetic techniques such as imagery and alliteration. It’s a roarsome poetry writing activity you will love!

Try writing about your own Peculiar Pet

Poetry Safari lets you adventure anywhere... from the savannah, the Arctic or Jurassic times to the school field or a zoo. Have a writing adventure where acrostics, riddle or sense poems; use imagery and build vocabulary too! It’s easy to link in with your current topic or favourite book, or be inspired by a pet, animal or creature you love... or are even scared of!