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Queen's Park Primary Technology Donation

Find out about our most recent campaign to provide tablets to Queen's Park Primary School. It was such a deserving school and we cannot wait to work with the...

Children's Charity
London is a vibrant city with many opportunities
and a strong sense of community. Despite this,
many children are affected by poverty.
Little Lives
UK is proud to be a London-based charity whose primary focus is children.
We are passionate about providing support and opportunities
to children who are disabled or disadvantaged.

During lockdown we have been working on helping many underprivileged children to ensure that their education did not suffer due to Coronavirus. Our aim was to provide as many children as we could with devices so that they could access necessary school resources.

We were able to achieve this through working with of Wandsworth and Richmond Council and we are currently in the process of working with other London councils to continue to distribute these devices. Of course, this will also mean that we are able to help many more children which as a charity we are so pleased to do. Without our hard-working volunteers who carried on during the lockdown to help achieve our mission this would not be possible.