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It's a Harry Potter Theme for this term

The Coolest Treehouses In The World

These amazing treehouse structures are way beyond the norm, sometimes mixing art or luxury with the beauty of nature. Strictly speaking, a treehouse is a str...

Kew Gardens - Winter (4K)

Join Kew Horticulturist, Richard Moore on a winter walk around Kew Gardens! Enjoy the bare winter trees revealing their intricate branch structure, the frost...

Top Ten Attractions at Kew Gardens - in just two minutes

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is in Richmond on the outskirts of London, and is one of the most amazing gardens in the world. It has an extraordinary divers...

The Hive at Kew Gardens

Science and beauty come together at Kew this summer, as we explore the journey of the British bee through UK innovation and design.An open-air structure stan...

Session 3 Designing a Kew Tree House

Royal Ballet Bridge and Gasholders Buildings 2

Archimake session 2

Archimake compliments the school curriculum by putting into practice many theoretical, abstract concepts. 
Numerical understanding, such as quantity, weight, size, scale & proportion are explored through use of materials. The decision making re­quired during the creative process strength­ens child's ability to self evaluate & correct through trial and error.

Children learn about cause and effect, through testing models and in addition be­come familiar with the physical properties of materials and their appropriate use. 
This lends itself to inherent structural under­standing, physics and engineering, whilst simultaneously developing appreciation of aesthetics, harmony and composition.
We seek to minimise gender division of arts and sciences by enabling children to explore what stimulates them in an integrated way.
Through constructive play children explore space, structures, making, teamwork, problem solving, recycling, leadership and communication. 
Kids learn about relation between the space we live in and the impact, even the smallest idea or project can have on our environment. They can boost their learning, complimenting the curriculum and develop creative and scientific skills to last them a lifetime, whatever field they choose to excel in the future.

Parents at Archimake

Lloyds and Pompadour Building 1

Archimake Challenges