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November News

November News


Welcome back to school everyone, we hope you had a great break and got to rest and explore new hobbies and places while you were away.

Lurky re-sorted all of his toys and doggie mazes (his favourite pass-time) and practised ringing his doggie bell-we are still working on it! He also carved a splendid Halloween pumpkin helmet as his Halloween contribution to festivities-I think it looked smashing!

How about getting sustainable this winter season now that we are back?

There are some great projects you can get involved in this November and help the planet too. By visiting you can join the Pod for free. Here you can enter this November’s Competition to raise awareness about the benefits of recycling and set up a Recycle to Read project at your school. You can work together to collect recycling and then select free reading books from the Pod catalogue as a reward for your planet saving efforts.

You could try some of GLS’ great Eco School Ideas which are simple eco-school ideas for a lower carbon footprint


1. Encourage good habits

A green school starts with good daily habits. With so many young feet trudging round the school each day, their impact on your efforts to be more eco-friendly can be huge. Encourage everyone at your school to uphold the very best practices, and those attitudes can quickly become infectious.

Little reminders round the school, like posters reminding to quick up litter or recycle their waste, can go a long way to getting the ball rolling.

2. Start a school compost

If you’ve got a school garden, nothing is more eco-friendly than treating it with your own food waste. Start a school compost and not only will you reduce waste but you’ll also do wonders for the plants in your garden. If you don’t have use for it in school, you can donate to a local allotment instead.

If you’re in need of some composting advice, the RHS have an excellent guide for schools on this topic. 

3. Use recycled paper

No doubt your school gets through tonnes of paper. On top of making sure you are recycling it as much as you can, you can go green and make sure you’re buying recycled in the first place.

There are plenty of options out there for recycled paper, as well as classroom items like notepads.  

4. Buy eco-friendly

The buying green revolution doesn’t have to stop at paper either. Today, there are green options for countless everyday school items. Here are just a few:

Recycled sticky notes

Recycled pencils

Recycled card

Recycled clipboards

Recycled plastic wallets

Zero Plastic Sellotape

5. Cut down on single use plastics

Another easy win comes in the form of single use plastics. As an individual, you can buy yourself a reusable water bottle and lunchbox. Encourage staff and pupils members to do the same too.

Beyond that, small changes like installing water foundations over vending machines (with single use plastic bottles in them) can instigate a change in habit across the school

6. Start an eco-club

Raise the next generation of eco-warriors by starting a new after school club all about the environment. There’s plenty of fun stuff you have to excite and embolden the imagination of your pupils and teach them an important message at the same time.

They could help you out with of the other suggestions in this post, or:

Help plant and grow seeds in the garden

Craft bird feeders

Take part in an eco-quiz

7. Bring in recycling bins

Recycling is one of the easiest and quickest wins any school can have when looking to cut their carbon footprint.

Make it as easy as possible for everyone in your school to comply by placing dedicated recycling bins around the school. Be sure to label them up or communicate to everyone exactly what you can and can’t put in them too.

8. …and make them more engaging

For younger kids, it might be worth decorating those recycling bins to make them more fun and engaging too. How about giving it some eyes and teeth to make a monster – they just love eating up all your unwanted plastics!

9. Bring the outdoors inside

Don’t let the outdoors be the only place for nice plants or other green spaces. Bring the outdoors inside and make for a much more pleasant environment.

This might not make a huge difference but making the place a little greener can help to add to the idea that school is a clean, environmentally friendly space. You’ll go some way to making the air cleaner too

10. Become an official Eco-School

For those wanted a framework or official accreditation for the efforts to go green in schools, there is a project out there for you.


Eco-schools is a global project to drive positive environmental change in schools. At the end of the seven-step journey, schools can be an official Green Flag Eco-School and take part in their annual awards.   We are working on our next Green Flag and taking part is a great way of getting Eco-Action happening. Don’t forget your Eco Council can post their work and projects safely here on the WCU site.

We are launching the Primary Engineer Programme which will take the form of themed Projects that include physical resources for 2 classes, teacher training for up to 2 teachers, digital teaching resources, curriculum mapping, links to engineers and invitations to Celebration Events.

If you or your classmates would like to be involved, let us know and you can join in too.

We had a great time on the World Re-Imagined trail and Mr K has been creating interactive art with children from across the school to celebrate our participation. We are so excited to be getting ready for our gallery show in Willesden Library.

lBrick Education at Topsy-Turvy Brent Cross

We were so happy to spend two whole days of learning and fun with our friends at Topsy-Turvy, Brent Cross this Holiday and can’t wait to return before the year ends.

A day at their brick education centre comprises of Fun, Interactive & Stimulating Lego education workshops inside a giant children’s soft play arena that’s been a staple of the community for over 20 years.

Children are immersed in our Ibrick Lego lessons, led by our expert engineers before having ample time to explore the huge soft play and jungle gym area the venue also has on offer.

Attendees touch on all areas of the school curriculum lead by trained facilitators, with sessions including the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEAM) blueprint all whilst tailoring our lessons to match your needs and school requirements.

Find out more and book your own STEAM Adventure at


Road Safety week is even closer now Road Safety Week (14 - 20 NOVEMBER 2022)

Road Safety Week is Brake's biggest annual road safety campaign. Every year, thousands of schools, organisations and communities get involved to shout out for our right to make safe and healthy journeys every day. Getting involved can help your school to meet the HEYL Bronze criteria and to design a HEYL Silver/Gold project on this topic.

Sign up for resources and challenges at

This November there will be a chance to see fireworks locally for free Trend Micro Cyber-Academy

During the half term holidays some of our lucky club members got a chance to visit The Cyber Academy at Trend Micro. The Cyber Academy is exclusively designed for children aged 7-10 years old.

Each episode at the Cyber Academy targets specific cyber safety topics with key learning objectives. For more information visit

The day will be action packed full of learning, fun, and meeting others.

On the day, we covered topics such as – passwords, 2 factor authentications, security, kindness online, time online, safety settings, camera safety and healthy habits.

A snippet of our great day can be seen below:

10 - 10:30 – Welcome the kids, introduce everyone and have an icebreaker game

10:30 -11:00 – First episode of their choice

11:00-11:30 – Tour of the office/ Have some hot chocolate and pastries

11:30-12:00 – Second episode of their choice

12:00 – 12:30 – Play an educational game such as Kahoot

12:30 – 1 Third episode of their choice

1-1:45 – Lunch Time

1:45- 2:15 – Fourth episode of their choice

2:15- 3 - Activity sheet with prizes.


If you’d like a chance for your school to get cyber trained, please let me know and we can liaise with our great friends at TrendMicro for you.