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November Activities In process and our new online log for the Westminster CU website

Planning & Planting Outdoor Spaces

We have arranged for bubble-sized groups to attend outdoor sessions with British Land to plan and plant in their new green space. We will revisit lots and watch it come to life.


Dog Mentoring Program

We are developing a dog mentoring project with lots of opportunities to meet the Author of Hector a dog's story
and some real-life dogs and their owners who offer mentoring through play opportunities.


Nicolas and the Six Bells

We helped to develop some great projects during lock-down with some amazing author's. Get a chance to meet and discuss Nicolas and the Six Bell's with it's author.


St John's Mini Farm

The author of Nicolas and the six bells is developing a mini farm and gardens at St John The Evangelist church .Book a bubble-visit to come and see ;there are lots of activities and adventures to be had.


Learn Something New ONLINE with Us

Learning helps to create new connections in your brain and to come up with new ideas and new opportunities. We have filled our site with projects for you to try.

Look out for lots of new fun to be had in December and don't forget to record your hours.

Check the parents' zone tab to access our online learning log to fill in and get earning hours while having educational fun.