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News this week


Dear Parents and Carers

Hello everyone, I hope you are all still staying positive and safe out there and that not being able to access our usual activities and school is not proving too problematic.

Here at Westminster Children’s University, we are really busy making videos for our upcoming well-being project; which will go live on the For Children and Parents tab in next week.

I have been busily uploading even more mini -projects so that your children can work through the activities and access some of the fun we have planned for you all. I’ve also been working away continuing to add new and exciting things to the website for everyone to take part in; as you know I will update everyone weekly in this is the news section. Each week you can see all the new projects that you can take part in; remember that all projects are away of gaining new CU hours!

We had some enquiries about passports, if you still have a passport that has space on it, please feel free to use it! However, we have uploaded in the Parents Zone an online log book for your children to fill-in, so they can collect their hours by accessing the website and doing the projects that are in place. However if printing of resources is a difficulty ,that is not a problem either; feel free to make a list of the activity; the day it is done and the amount of hours you would like to claim for it and keep it safe. We will do all of the rest in September when we have an hours update project planned.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro are amazing friends at Trend Micro have been working away to create a whole set of guides for you and activities based around technology coding and computing you can access these in the PDFs that are in the tab for Trend Micro in For Children and Parents. These are a super way of encouraging Internet citizenship and developing new skills. We look forward to doing lots of exciting things with Trend Micro, both online and in person, and thank them for their commitment to getting young people Internet safe and literate. Each PDF is worth three hours of learning in your Children’s University log, so there’s lots of opportunity to gain some great CU hours


Break Awareness Project

It’s not just important to stay safe online, but also to stay safe when you’re out and about. Maybe you could be doing a daily exercise or even just going to do some exploring with your parents? Therefore we have added the tab for Break Road safety in For Children and Parents.

 There you can find a range of colouring and puzzle activities, all based around road citizenship and safety. In just the same way as with the Trend Micro projects, each one of these activities carries a three hour Children’s University allowance, so get creating, colouring and problem solving .Don’t forget to feel free to share your work with us ;we have stickers for those who are able to share completed work which we can post on the website


Animal Edge

The Animal Edge Project is an amazing way for young people to complete two separate projects, all about unusual and endangered animals across the globe. This project packs contain everything you will need to produce amazing work in response to the information within them. Why not take a picture of your finished project? We would love to post it up on the website in the tab and share your work. Anyone completing the two projects can download their own certificate of completion; I am happy to print these for you and take a little picture of you receiving them at the school if you would like? However, that this would be dependent on you uploading photo evidence of your completed project. Remember to do this you must email the work to me at and this must be done only by your parents.


Arts Award Transition

Arts award are very keen to get young people involved in qualifying for their discover program. Which of course, I can accredit for you once submitted. They have now created a Transition Tool Kit and logbook which young people can use to qualify. It has all been uploaded in the Arts Award and For Children and Parents tab, this is a great way of you taking part in an independent project with your families and sharing your amazing work. I am going to be working with Paddington central to put on an exhibition of artwork generated through the website once we are all back together, so I’m really looking forward to starting to see your wonderful creations coming in.


Entomology Week

We are hoping to celebrate young entomology week this week and next week as it is a national event and here at the children’s university we just love hunting for mini-beasts and all the STEM activities that are accessible through the investigating, recording and classifying of our amazing native mini-beast wildlife.
The young entomology Project are hoping to collect thousands of images of the children’s discoveries to become part of a huge, nationally commissioned piece of art. We are inviting our Children’s University Students to get exploring, observing and creating. Just pick any mini-beast (insect) observe them, then draw, paint or create them. Share the images with us; we can’t wait to submit them and see what you find!


Young #Writers Write To Unite project
Well done to everybody who created acrostic poems this week, they have already been sent off to Young Writers and have been acknowledged as entries to the competition.

 I have also uploaded them on the website and I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of you guys out there come up with for your acrostic poem. Remember you can use your name or a word that you think best resembles your experiences, or even a word that you feel represents you.

 Amazing work everybody, they were great to read I can’t wait to receive some more.