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March Fun Celebration Days

When we think about March, there are a few things that spring to mind. Get it spring? Ha-ha!


March usually marks the end of the cold months and the beginning of spring, when the trees begin to bloom again, and we can all go back outside without wearing seven jumpers. If you’re still cooped up inside, we’ve got a few fun facts about March for you. Though you may not think the month of March is particularly special, it hosts quite a number of holidays. Easter often falls in March, and thus Lent. This usually alongside the Vernal Equinox when the days start getting longer (yay!)


International Women’s Day also takes place on the 8th, and St Patrick’s Day on the 17th. And let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy the celebrations when St Paddy’s Day rolls around? There’s some fascinating history to the month of March as well. Did you know the Romans placed it somewhere entirely different in their calendar? In fact, have you ever wondered where March got its name from? There’s a lot in a name, and the origins of the month we usually associate with rebirth and celebration may come as quite the surprise! It is named after Mars the Greek god of war.


16 Fun Facts about March

1. March was the first month in the Roman calendar

2. March was named for the Roman God of War

3. Daylight Savings Time starts in March

4. It is host to the Vernal Equinox

5. …and sometimes Easter Sunday!

6. Lent is a chance for self-discipline

7. Statistically, March is the least productive month

8. International Women’s Day takes place in March

9. As does St Patrick’s Day!

10. ‘If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.’

11. The birth flower of March is the daffodil

12. The telephone was first patented in March

13. And Monopoly was invented in 1933!

14. The Girl Scouts were founded by Juliette Gordon Low

15. And for better or worse, Coca-Cola was invented

16. The birthstone of March is aquamarine


 March at WCU is actually a busier month than you might think, there are lots of dedicated days In March to celebrate along with the start of spring. We are looking forward to finding out our 2 design competition results and seeing the ENO performances. We will have picked our Queen’s Park Primary Poetry by Heart Entry and look forward to seeing yours as well. So much happens in March and there is plenty to celebrate.


March 8 is International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day is a global celebration of women’s achievements, and this special day intends to showcase the women that make businesses thrive. We love the idea of encouraging everyone to start their own businesses and projects so we would love to hear your ideas.


First Friday in March is Employee Appreciation Day.

On this day everyone shows that they appreciate employees and those that help us, perhaps you could create a poster that highlights the work of a special helper in your life.


March Brings Daylight Saving.

Daylight Saving affects everyone in the world the time here in the U.K will change by a whole hour so we will get more daylight during the spring and summer.


March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish Public Holiday. Saint Patrick's Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick, is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland


International Day of Awesomeness.

Celebrated on the 10th of March. Celebrate your awesomeness or that of someone you know. What makes you and them special? Give someone a shout out and be awesome by making someone feel awesome too.


March 21 is the First Day of Spring.

The start of spring is a big deal, especially for businesses, since spring is normally thought of as the time for renewal. Go for a walk or plant something this is the perfect time to see something flourish and grow.


3rd Wednesday of March Companies that Care Day.

This day is a celebration of companies that care about the well-being of their employees and others. We are supported by many great companies like this. Who is your favourite place to visit with us? Perhaps you could write them a review or thank you?


March 31 is Easter.

Easter is a major holiday in the world, we will be running a two week Club during this Holiday so check the tab to download the sign up and secure your place. They will go fast!


March 15 is Everything You Think is Wrong Day.

This day recognizes that not everything will go alright and that everyone will have a bad day once in a while. Share a story that explains a day when something went wrong for you and more importantly how you dealt with it to help others.


March 16 is Everything You Do is Right Day.

Everything is Right Day is another March celebration, but the twist here is that this day is meant to be used for celebrating a good day. What was the best day you’ve had recently? Share it with your family or class and plan your next great day together.


March 26 is Make Your Own Holiday Day.

March 26 offers anyone the opportunity to declare and celebrate their own holidays. Feel free to create an explanation of a holiday you create. If you share it with us, through your coordinator, we will post it here online.


During March there’s plenty to do in London too, you could spend some quality time with your mum on Mother’s Day. Many London top attractions have events and offers to treat her to an experience or special gift.

Or how about enjoying top events in March such as: The Boat Race, Head of the River Race and the London Games Festival.

Marking annual festivals such as St Patrick’s Day and International Women's Day with activities across the city, there will be lots of local fairs and celebrations.

But the nicest way is to welcome spring and spot the blooms with a walk or run in London's parks, making the most of the warmer weather and enjoying the lovely green spaces for free.