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March Activities

We have been working away to create a bank of new opportunities and online resources for you and your students ,ready for remote and physical delivery as soon as you are able. We know that many schools and extra-curricular organisations, such as us, have been quickly adapting their delivery to take into account closures and restrictions due to coronavirus.
We have been working hard to support educators to continue to engage with children, young people and their families during this difficult time, uploading content on our website and scheduling physical and streamed outreach, ready for the return to school. Our hope is that you will always have plenty of exciting things to do, even if you are not in school or experiencing restricted travel and operations at the moment.
Here are our March 2021 update highlights.

Coordinators Zoom meetings each fortnight
We have scheduled weekly check-in sessions for any needs or admin as they arise and monthly leads' meetings, to plan directly with us what you would like to see and do with us at WCU. These zoom meets will commence in March and we are looking forward to negotiating the best time for you to access this additional support. We will coordinate access to well-being and support structures initiated by ourselves and partners.
We are currently sourcing activities and resources to make your graduations a real celebration of your achievements this year. We will deliver these in person, on the day of your choosing. Additionally, we have coordinated a choice between onsite and alternative venue options, ensuring we can deliver consistently and safely regardless of each schools' needs and preferences.
SCS and HS2
We have been negotiating outreach from SCS and HS2 for you to engage with such as the what is engineering? Module.
This interactive module will provide an overview of what an Engineer is, the different types of engineers is terms of specialism and what types of engineer’s we have on SCS railways. The idea is to help change the current perception on engineers within the industry and provide a true reflection on the diversity of engineers we have on our project.
This module involves a drawing exercise.
This material will be aimed primarily at Key Stage 1 & 2 (ages 5-10) and will link in with the following subjects:
• Design and Technology
• Maths
• Science
Skills Builder:
• Listening
• Creativity
We have been working with Boxtheniks, an inspiring CIC who support and mentor young people in the community to help them achieve their full potential through a unique program incorporating Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy. This is not just your average boxing or gymnastics routine.
It’s Boxtheniks!
Through our partnership we are able to offer free sessions to our partner schools.
Online opportunities
Bearing in mind the ever-changing situation we find ourselves in as educators, we are seeking to switch our offer to an interactive, online and easily accessible offer for the young people and educators of London
Our aim is to offer virtual, extracurricular activity so that educators can engage in our offer through our website with their students; easing the burden on educators to produce online packages
This will allow participants to generate hours online and at home until such time we can resume our normal activity. As our network is always growing you can always be sure that you will find something engaging and new each time you explore the tabs and menus on our site.
Being present on our site is a great way for contributors to promote and share their work and commitment to improving the daily lives of young Londoners through corporate sustainability initiatives.
Drama for all
Drama for all are offering free Under the Sea drama workshops for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 between April and July 2021. Which you can read about here:
Each workshop is led by an experienced DBS checked actor and lasts for 30 minutes for a class of up to 30 children. All facilitators have undertaken COVID-19 training and the workshops have been adapted to ensure that they are safe for everyone involved (for example our Teacher will mark out a 2 metre distance from themselves and the children).. Whilst in your school, they will adhere to your school's safety policies and will be in touch a week before to go through that with you.
If you were a Unicorn
We love creativity and fantasy creatures at WCU, thanks to our partners we have some great unicorn themed prizes to give away including Slime Kit a full set of Unicorn story books and rainbow Scratch Art cards, all for one Lucky Winner.
Simply draw yourself as a unicorn on A4 paper or card and submit to your WCU coordinator.
What about the design makes your Unicorn unique and all about you?
We will select an overall winner to receive our Unicorn themed goody bundle.
Competition closes April 3rd 2021.