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June Update

Congratulations to everyone

What a remarkable year, full of challenges, experiences and learning we have had! We would like to congratulate you on and celebrate your amazing work by saying well done, you should all be so proud! This year, despite restrictions, we have 1080 students graduating and can add 30,000 additional hours of individual learning to our total; making our new grand total for individual learning hours 111,000.Graduations are underway as are the celebration events and we are loving sharing and recognising all of your hard work.

Holiday Club in July

We believe that by using educational experiences and outdoor learning, we can help our young people value and understand their immediate environment more fully and in a far wider, holistic manner; by doing this, we propose that we will be able to promote sustainable and purposeful behaviours as our young people mature.

We feel that influencing behaviours within waste, food and the environment at a young age is a vital way to create a sustainable change for the benefit of everyone’s future and environmental benefit. Our proposed project will go some way to educating and relieving the recent burdens on our local families, in this one of the most difficult transitionary times we all find ourselves in, creating education and support opportunities across the spectrum of participants through distribution and collection of resources, education and outreach through the collaboration of stakeholders and community cohesive approaches to delivery.

With this ethos in mind, we provide we propose to run six weeks of activity throughout the summer holiday (daily 9:00-15:30) and continue this into the new academic year (workshops and outreach) to build upon our commitment to wellbeing and transition work .We will aim to offer 28 places for each Key-stage and a further 20 spaces for early years settings and have recruited in advance a dedicated team of facilitators to meet this aim.

By adding an environmental educational element to the overall offer (this will include working in meanwhile gardens and making mini-habitats for vertebrates as well as bringing an outdoor provider into school to teach children about biodiversity and the importance of looking after the local environment) students will be educated on the symbiosis both humans and our local wildlife and environment share aiding connection and engagement while supporting transition in September.

Alongside our usual program of activities we will undertake weekly projects. We will be spending each week on a new theme. Week commencing 26/7- in the first week we will work with the ecology centre at Hyde Park; Week commencing 2/8/ Week commencing 9/8-in weeks 2 and 3 we will host a KS1 and KS2 Cycling school; Week commencing 16/8-in week 4 we will run a KS2 Basket Ball Camp: Week commencing 23/8-Week 5 we will run a gardening and community planting project and in week 6 (Week commencing 30/8), we will be looking at Wellbeing, Mindfulness and preparing for the new academic year through coaching and mentoring.

Forest School Saturdays

We have been attending Forest school in June-July and will be continuing to promote outdoor learning throughout the summer and into next term. There will additional opportunities to joining outdoor learning and weekend projects. We have been visiting the Floating Classroom who are currently facilitating these and other sessions such as Life Afloat and We like Why? We strongly recommend that coordinators sign up for sessions as soon as is possible as they are in high demand and are amazing opportunities to learn and have fun.


September, Wednesday Wellbeing Club

The Students' Wellbeing Club will run on Wednesdays at Queen's Park School from 3:30-6:00pm during term and will additionally provide holiday provision (alongside holiday play provision).The first session will be on Wednesday September the 8th 2021.

This club will be taking place at Queen’s Park school, it will run for 7 weeks at a time from 4:00-6:00pm.

We ask that participants contribute £21 to cover the resources and basic costs of this club in advance. With hourly skills coaching rates generally ranging from £15 - £35 outside of London, and up to £50 in the capital and the cost of mentoring far exceeding this (beginning at its most basic at £75 an hour), we know that access to such services and the range of programs is very limited .We have committed to this minimal fee in keeping with our goal of making provision accessible regardless of financial position.

To book into this club in advance please contact

First Aid Training

First Aid training is still available for staff and students and is now underway. This is a great way to empower students and staff preparing them for all eventualities. These sessions are brought to you free of charge thanks to our ongoing relationship with Axis Training Limited. To book this training for your school advance please contact and we will arrange this for you.

Mindfulness Sessions and MHFA

If you are interested in promoting and embedding mindfulness in your setting get in touch, we are happy to help you set up MISP and Mind-Up should you wish to. Additionally, if you would like to add staff mental health first aid training, we have virtual sessions for you to attend at a greatly reduced rate. To book this training for your school advance please contact and we will arrange this for you.

Mayor’s London Trails

We have been working with city hall to resource London Walk Guides for you to do during the holidays; we have them now and are ready to get them to you. So if you are interested in London Family walks please let us know and we can get these to you before you break up for the summer. They are a great way of creating mementos of walks and experiences together as well as learning more about the city and what it has to offer. To access these resources, simply email us and we will drop them off to you.

What’s next?

We have lots for you to do over the summer online and in person and will share this with coordinators before you break up. We have 5 larger-scale projects planned and ready to go for September which we will invite coordinators to express interest in before break up and sign up for in September.