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February News

Robotics teacher training

VEX now offers free, online training that helps educators at all different ability levels. Experience fun and engaging lessons while supporting students as they become proficient with the VEX Robotics system.

By the end of the VEX Certified Educator program, you will be fully prepared to implement VEX Robotics and become a leader in technology and innovation within your school and community.

Vex STEM Labs to remotely Acess

STEM Labs function as "plugin" lessons that can fit into your existing curriculum. Multiple labs can be utilized in sequential order to create a unique, extended learning experience. STEM Labs promote collaboration and exploratory learning.

Students enjoy hands-on-learning activities that allow them to apply technology, science, math, and engineering skills as they enjoy a 21st-century learning experience.

STEM Labs have something to offer for everyone.

The Great Exhibition 2023 continues

Have Great Exhibition fun at home online, discover some of the team’s favourite family-friendly events for you to enjoy on demand.

Create a superhero with special powers to fight off all the baddies in the hospital at this fun drawing workshop for all the family.

Led by a professional illustrator and scientists from Imperial College London, we’ll be creating awesome hospital superheroes where you get to imagine and draw their special powers, like germ-zapping and healing super-strength.

All you will need to take part is something to draw with (coloured pens, pencils, biros felt tips) and something to draw on (paper, notebook, card). Plus our worksheet, which you can either print out or have on screen for the event.

Create and play with colour with chemical engineering student Emily Xu, and chemical biology researcher Helena Dodd. Like many scientists and artists they are fascinated by the chemistry that puts colour into the world around us, from our clothes to our food. And they have a story to share about a Victorian chemist who found fame with a colourful invention he created by accident!

Explore the night sky and the impacts of light pollution with this simple family-friendly star gazing experiment you can do in your garden or out of your window.


Created by Imperial Material scientist Ahli, Huda and her colleagues at UAE STEM in the UK, I spy celebrates the Nobel Prize winner Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar and his ground-breaking discoveries around how stars form and how they explode.

Apple Garage Band Sessions

Whether students have played music before or not, it time to learn how to start a song in GarageBand using Live Loops in this 30-minute session. You’ll get hands-on with pre-recorded music patterns on iPad to find your groove. Bring your iPad or we’ll provide one. Recommended for beginners.

Apple video coaching at the Piazza

Capture your best video with iPhone. Learn simple techniques like how to control exposure or set focus, and explore new ways to record video. Get hands-on with the latest iPhone or bring your own. Recommended for all skill levels.

The Smart School Council-Overview-Paid Program


We are launching The Smart School Council at WCU

The Smart School Council Involves ALL pupils in developing skills and we love the idea of everyone in every class being involved

Directly addresses Ofsted requirements on British Values/SMSC & Prevent

Tracks data on involvement

Is easier to run than the current school council

Is different to a traditional school council.


 Three clear elements

Class meetings: Short, regular, structured and pupil-led meetings in every class across the school.

Action teams: Any pupil can set up an action team based on an idea or issue that they have.

Communication team: Brings the whole model together, facilitates wide involvement and tracks it.


What impact does it have?

More pupils are involved:

It increases the average percentage of all pupils directly involved in developing skills and learning as part of their school council and Encourages quieter pupils to get involved


To find out more for yourselves check out


MineCraft London Design Challenge

Just before Christmas the Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration and Skills invited teachers to attend a webinar to find out more about the Design Future London design challenge.  At the webinar you they found out more about what to expect from the challenge, how to get free Minecraft licences and also have the opportunity to ask any questions about delivering to classes.


We are holding 2 sessions Wednesday 11 January 2023 at 4pm and Monday 16 January 2023 at 4pm. Colleagues from Minecraft Education will be at the session on the 16 January, so do come along! They are looking forward to hearing what you have to say and answer any questions you may have if you didn’t attend you can Sign up here!


Building your designs in 3D


They are also providing model making kits to state funded schools and further education colleges where students have registered to enter the challenge. Please take a look at this page to find out more. To register your interest in receiving a kit, please email  and provide your school name, school address, teacher contact details including name, email address and contact number (for help with deliveries) and the number of students and their names so that we can cross check against our database of registered entrants.


Launch of Minecraft: Education Edition

 This is in just two weeks times. You will be able to sign up for a free licence for your students. This gives one more way that your students can create and build their entry. They will email registered schools nearer the time. 

Face to Face events in Croydon Town Centre

Don’t forget to sign up your students on one of the events with local artists. It will be an engaging 2.5 hour session for your students. 1.5 hours with local artists working through ideas around the built environment and then a one hour self-guided tour of Croydon to get a feel of the town centre and the opportunities to design around.  

 Dream Arts

Dream arts Experiment is a great program where our students can learn weekly from leading professionals, create their own work and develop your dance, acting and singing skills.

Every weekend Dream Arts Creative Labs enable 7-19 year olds to explore and unleash their talents. Our skilled professionals encourage members to devise their own work – from new musicals to short films and radio plays and we attend every session at WCU.


We also fund spaces for interested WCU students and fund additional programs..


If you are interested in taking part in one of these creative and fun sessions you can get involved by attending one of the sessions below


Dream Arts Experiment on Saturdays from 8 October 2022

The Abbey Centre, 34 Great Smith St, SW1P 3BU, 10am-1:30pm


Ages 7 - 12 devising and performing their own original musicals


Dream Arts Experiment on Sundays from 9 October 2022

City of Westminster College, Paddington Green, W2 1NB, 10:30am-2:30pm


Ages 7 - 12 devising and performing their own original musicals


Dream Arts Performance Company Immersive Theatre Project

City of Westminster College, Paddington Green, W2 1NB, 1pm-4pm


Find out more at