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April is here!

How joyful for us to be back out in the community last week and to visit Paddington Central and our friends at British Land. We are working with them to promote social action and community gardening with the Foursquare Farms. It was so enjoyable to get out together and walk along the local waterways again, we were so hyped to be out together doing our projects again. Obviously, we had to have a much smaller group and we couldn’t use public transport but part of the beauty of where we are means that we can travel lots of places by foot.


 Many of us will be coming together during the holidays to safely take part in some exciting new projects involving forest school, cycling proficiency, arts awards and mentoring. We are looking forward to making sure the children from other schools can take part with us in the future and can’t wait to see what the next holiday will bring.


Hannah and I have been super-hyped to be launching our very own bug hang out where we wish to promote and celebrate the joy of keeping invertebrates. Our first big un-boxing happened and we have made the video for that which we will be having online for you very soon. You can check out some of our fan-art that is already in place here on the WCU site and we are looking forward to much more coming our way so that we can share it together! We have promised a handling video next so look out for that in the near future.

We love to have a competition at Westminster Children’s University and there are currently two open for students to take part in. We would like you to design a unicorn that sums you up as a person; if you were a unicorn what would you look like? We can’t wait to see what you come up. Also we are inviting students to come up with innovations for the future; can you think of something that would use technology to make the future a little bit better for everybody else? Maybe you want to protect something that’s endangered or perhaps a new way of fuelling cars? Whatever you think would be the best way of moving forward, we would love to hear your ideas. There will be prizes for the best entries in both cases and we are really looking forward to making more videos of your work so that we can put it online for you all to share.

Next term we are going to be putting on an art exhibition of our very own and we would like donations of art from all of you guys, so please get creating! You can pick your own theme and you your own media as we are happy for you to express yourself in whichever way suits you best. We all are really looking forward to what you come up with as are our friends at Paddington Central  who are kindly going to give us access to exhibition space .We are hoping to have a launch-night type event as well which will be amazing fun for you and your parents and a great way of us all getting together.


 Another way you might like to contribute is to write together another way you might like to contribute to a larger public project is to write a submission for our WCU Wellbeing magazine which we are going to publish before the end of term. We are looking for poetry, well-being and health advice and reflections from you guys to share amongst the wider community.


We would like to shout out the young film-makers who won the Bank of England Covid-Film-project, congratulations to you and your great director/producer Miss C. That’s not all, a second film is already underway, can’t wait to see it!