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Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Nearly ten years had passed since the Dursleys had woken up to find their
nephew on the front step, but Privet Drive had hardly changed at all. The sun
rose on the same tidy front gardens and lit up the brass number four on the
Dursleys' front door; it crept into their living room, which was almost exactly
the same as it had been on the night when Mr. Dursley had seen that fateful
news report about the owls. Only the photographs on the mantelpiece really
showed how much time had passed. Ten years ago, there had been lots of pictures
of what looked like a large pink beach ball wearing different-colored bonnets -
but Dudley Dursley was no longer a baby, and now the photographs showed a large
blonde boy riding his first bicycle, on a carousel at the fair, playing a
computer game with his father, being hugged and kissed by his mother. The room
held no sign at all that another boy lived in the house, too.

Yet Harry Potter was still there, asleep at the moment, but not for long. His
Aunt Petunia was awake and it was her shrill voice that made the first noise of
the day.

"Up! Get up! Now!"

Harry woke with a start. His aunt rapped on the door again.

"Up!" she screeched. Harry heard her walking toward the kitchen and
then the sound of the frying pan being put on the stove. He rolled onto his
back and tried to remember the dream he had been having. It had been a good
one. There had been a flying motorcycle in it. He had a funny feeling he'd had
the same dream before.

His aunt was back outside the door.

"Are you up yet?" she demanded.

"Nearly," said Harry.

"Well, get a move on, I want you to look after the bacon. And don't you
dare let it burn, I want everything perfect on Duddy's birthday."

Harry groaned.

"What did you say?" his aunt snapped through the door.

"Nothing, nothing . . ."

Dudley's birthday - how could he have forgotten? Harry got slowly out of
bed and started looking for socks. He found a pair under his bed and, after
pulling a spider off one of them, put them on. Harry was used to spiders,
because the cupboard under the stairs was full of them, and that was where he

When he was dressed he went down the hall into the kitchen. The table was
almost hidden beneath all Dudley's birthday presents. It looked as though
Dudley had gotten the new computer he wanted, not to mention the second
television and the racing bike. Exactly why Dudley wanted a racing bike was a
mystery to Harry, as Dudley was very fat and hated exercise - unless of course
it involved punching somebody. Dudley's favorite punching bag was Harry, but he
couldn't often catch him. Harry didn't look it, but he was very fast.

Perhaps it had something to do with living in a dark cupboard, but Harry had
always been small and skinny for his age. He looked even smaller and skinnier
than he really was because all he had to wear were old clothes of Dudley's, and
Dudley was about four times bigger than he was. Harry had a thin face, knobbly
knees, black hair, and bright green eyes. He wore round glasses held together
with a lot of Scotch tape because of all the times Dudley had punched him on
the nose. The only thing Harry liked about his own appearance was a very thin
scar on his forehead that was shaped like a bolt of lightning. He had had it as
long as he could remember, and the first question he could ever remember asking
his Aunt Petunia was how he had gotten it.













Resource Sheet One

1.  How long has
Harry lived with the Dursleys?


2.  What street
did they live on?



3.  How had the
photos changed over the years?



4.  What was
special about that day?



5.  Why was
Harry used to spiders?



6.  Why was it a
mystery to Harry that Dudley wanted a bike for his birthday?



7.  Why were
Harry’s glasses broken?



8.  What unique
feature does Harry have on his head?



9.  Why did
Harry look skinnier and smaller than he was?



What was Harry responsible for doing?



What was the first question Harry ever asked
Aunt Petunia?





Resource Sheet Two

1.  What time of
day was it?


2.  How old do
you think Dudley might be?



3.  How had the
photos changed over the years?



4.  Why was
Dudley unable to punch Harry?



5.  What
exercise did Dudley enjoy?



6.  Find four
adjectives that describe Harry’s appearance.



7.  What do we
know about the neighbourhood?



8.  What do you
think Dudley is like?



9.  Why did
Harry look skinnier and smaller than he was?



Why was the table almost hidden?



What was the first question Harry ever asked
Aunt Petunia?




Resource Sheet Three

1.  What
impression do you get of Aunt Petunia? What makes you think this?


2.  Why might
Harry feel like he had had the same dream before?



3.  Find all the
adjectives that describe Harry’s appearance.



4.  What do you
think is meant by the ‘fateful news report’?



5.  What
language feature is used in Dudley’s name?



6.  How old do
you think Dudley might be?


7.  Why does the
author say Aunt Petunia’s voice is shrill? What impact does this have?



8.  Why would
the author say that the sun ‘crept’ into the living room?


9.  What type of
person is Dudley? Justify your response using examples from the text.



Why do you think Harry didn’t look fast?


Find as many examples of alliteration as you

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science and an exact art, so follow the instructions carefully

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12 Fun Harry Potter-Themed Crafts for Kids

Dragon Eggs

Make your own magical dragon eggs and experience the excitement of playing with these marvellous mythical objects!


What You Need

·         Few balloons

·         Craft glue

·         Newspapers

·         Metallic spray paint in three to four colours.

·         A thumb pin

·         Water


·         Inflate the balloons in the size of your palm or a bit more than that.

·         Tear out small strips from the newspaper.

·         Mix one part glue and one part water in a bowl.

·         Dip the newspaper strips in water and stick it on the inflated balloon.

·         Keep sticking until you make a thick coating on the balloon. Leave the balloon for drying.

·         Use the thumb pin to puncture the balloon, leaving behind an egg shape of newspaper strips.

·         Use the metallic spray paint to paint the egg. Let it dry before playing with the dragon eggs!

2. Magical Pencil Wands

These magical wands are fairly easy to make and also absolutely stunning to look at!

What You Need 

·         Pencils

·         Glue gun

·         Flat marbles

·         Acrylic paints in brown and white colors

·         Paintbrush


·         Take the glue gun make swirling patterns on the pencils as you keep rotating the pencil while making the patterns.

·         Make thicker patterns towards the bottom end of the pencil to make it appear like the handle.

·         Take a flat marble and stick it on the base of the pencil. Let the glue dry completely before you begin coloring it.

·         Once the glue dries, paint the pencil in brown color.

·         Mix some white acrylic paint in the brown one to obtain a lighter shade. Now, use the lighter brown paint to color the protruding patterns on the pencil. This will add more dimension to the wand. Your magical wand is ready to cast some spells!

3. Mason Jar Pencil Stands

These mason jars are the cutest Harry Potter crafts for kids of any age bracket!

What You Need 

·         Mason jar (if you don’t have a mason jar, you can use an empty jam or pickle jar too)

·         Acrylic paints in skin, brown, burgundy, yellow and gold colours

·         Black marker pen

·         Sealing spray in a clear shade


·         Clean and wash the mason jar nicely and let it dry.

·         Take the skin coloured paint and use it as the base colour on the jar. You may have to paint it a couple of times to achieve the desired results.

·         Use the black marker pen to draw the hairline towards the upper end of the jar.

·         Use the same pen to draw the Harry Potter glasses and add scarf details towards the bottom edge of the jar.

·         Use brown colour to paint the hair, and burgundy and yellow colours for painting the scarf.

·         Once the colours dry, use the marker pen to draw details on the scarf.

·         Use the gold colour to make the ‘lighting mark’ near the hairline.

·         Use the sealing spray to secure the paint.

·         The Harry Potter mason jar pencil stand is ready for use!

4. Rock Painting

This one is the best and easiest Harry Potter craft for kids of any age, and it takes only 5 minutes!

What You Need 

·         Flat rocks of different sizes (pick up ones with smooth surfaces)

·         Black marker pen

·         Pencil

·         Acrylic paints in different colours

·         Paintbrush

·         Sealing paint


·         Draw different Harry Potter themed images on the rocks such as Potter head, boots, snitches, etc. with the pencil. You can also download the images off the Internet and trace them on the rocks for better clarity.

·         Paint with acrylic colours to add more zing to the drawn images.

·         The black marker pen can be used to add extra detailing to the painted images.

·         Seal the images with a coat of sealing paint as it will not only add natural lustre but also increase the life of the paint!

·         Use these rocks as paperweights or gift them to your friends!

5. Golden Snitch Headband

This is one of the most innovative Harry Potter art projects that can be used to create multiple accessories!

What You Need

·         A tiny plastic ball (of the size of a marble)

·         Two small plastic leaves

·         Golden glitter

·         Glue

·         A plain black headband

·         A paintbrush


·         Use the paintbrush to coat the ball with glue. Make sure you cover it up nicely with glue.

·         Place the ball on a paper as you sprinkle glitter all over it. Let the ball dry.

·         In the same way, smear glue all over the plastic leaves and sprinkle glitter. Let them dry.

·         Take the headband and place the golden ball anywhere on it (ideally you should place it little towards the right edge of the band.

·         Place the golden leaves on both sides of the ball to make it look like the snitch ball. Let it dry completely before adorning this pretty headband!

·         You can use the snitch ball embellishments to make a hairpin, necklace or it can even be used to decorate a notebook, pencil or can also be used as a Christmas ornament.

6. Funky Bookmarks

This is a great fun activity for all the bookworms out there as it involves making some funky Harry Potter bookmarks!


What You Need 

·         Card stock

·         Acrylic paints

·         Brush

·         Glitter pens

·         Punching machine

·         White thin ribbon

·         Black marker pen

·         Scissors

·         Pencil




·         Take the card stock and cut it into rectangular shapes of 2 inches by 7 inches.

·         Draw Harry Potter themed drawing on the rectangles, such as glasses, owls, snitch balls, quills, broom, etc.

·         Use acrylic paints to colour the drawings. Use the marker pen to add outlines to the drawings.

·         Use glitter pens to outline the boundary and to accentuate certain parts of the drawings.

·         Use the punching machine to punch a hole on the top of the bookmark.

·         Cut the ribbon of 6 inches length and pass it through the punched hole and tie a knot to secure it! Your bookmark is ready to use!

7. Magic Portion Ornaments

This is one of the most fun and interesting Harry Potter party activities for kids!

What You Need 

·         Plastic ornament balls

·         Glitter glue (in green, pink, yellow and silver)

·         Glitter powder (in the same colours as glitter glue)

·         Warm water

·         Hot glue gun


·         Take the plastic ornament balls and put green glitter glue in it.

·         Add warm water and give a thorough shake and then add green glitter in it. Add some more warm water. The ball should not be fully filled with liquid, keep it ¾ filled only.

·         Seal the lid with the hot glue gun and keep it aside for drying.

·         Make the other colour potions in the same fashion and use them to add more zing to your party decor!

8. Glowing Secret Message Activity

Send across a secret note to a friend or use these secret messages as clues during treasure hunts!

What You Need 

·         A white paper

·         Laundry detergent

·         Q-tip or a fine paintbrush

·         Water


·         Take a bowl and add laundry detergent into it and add just enough water to dilute it.

·         Place the white paper on cardboard and using the Q-tip start penning down alphabets to form a message or note.

·         Let the paper dry completely before you roll it up or start reading it.

·         The message can be read under any UV light or black light.

9. Harry Potter T-shirt

Own a trendy and voguish T-shirt with Harry Potter motifs with this fun activity!

What You Need 

·         Plain black t-shirt (you can use any solid coloured t-shirt)

·         Fabric colours

·         A piece of sponge

·         Tape


·         Download a Harry Potter-themed stencil from the Internet.

·         Place the stencil where you want the pattern on the t-shirt. Secure the stencil ends with the tape.

·         Take out the fabric colour of the desired shade on a plate, and dab the colour on the pattern with the sponge. Colour the entire pattern using the sponge.

·         Let the paint dry. Enjoy wearing your super cool Harry Potter tee!

10. Paper Plate Owl

This is a great activity for kindergarteners!

What You Need

·         Two paper plates

·         Brown acrylic paint

·         Craft papers (yellow, black, orange and white)

·         Glue

·         Scissors

·         Yarn

·         Punching machine


·         Cut two large circles with yellow craft paper, two medium with black and two small using white craft paper. Stick them size-wise, on top of another. These are the eyes.

·         Cut a triangle with orange craft paper to make a nose.

·         Use brown paint to colour the paper plates. Let the paint dry. Cut one plate in half and stick on the sides of the other plate with the rounded ends facing upwards.

·         Stick the eyes and nose on the plate.

·         Punch a hole on top and run the yarn through the hole. Knot the yarn to secure it.

·         Hang this adorable Potter-themed owl in your kid’s room!

11. Monster Book

Make your own monster book of secrets with this fun craft idea!

What You Need 

·         Brown colored fur fabric

·         Notebook

·         White foam paper

·         Wobbly eyes

·         Scissors

·         Glue


·         Cut the fur fabric in the size of the notebook and stick it on the notebook with glue.

·         Draw and cut sharp pointy teeth patterns using the foam sheet (of the size of your finger). Paste it on the inside centre vertical edge, in the front and back of the notebook.

·         Stick the wobbly eyes over the teeth. Let it dry.


12. Feather Quills

This is a very simple craft activity for preschoolers and younger kids that includes bird feathers!

What You Need 

·         Gold and white acrylic paints

·         Long bird feathers

·         Fine paintbrush

·         Scissors

·         Ink


·         Take white and gold paint and make fine patterns of your choice on the bird feathers using a fine paintbrush. Let them dry.

·         Cut a slight end of the feathers to make a pen nib. Dip this quill in the ink and write!

All kids find the magical world of Harry Potter endlessly fascinating. Keeping them engaged in doing Harry-Potter related crafts and activities is a wonderful way to make sure they are occupied and entertained during the holidays!