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Book for children: Hector, A Dog's Story

Hector's story is punctuated with the joys and sadness's of life ,his gentle and questioning nature throughout the narrative helps readers explore his experiences and reflect along with him as they happen.

Hector's story is a great tool for gentle exploration of difficult themes through a third party as well as being a heart warming tale. At Westminster Children's University we have seen first hand the children's reactions to the story and the self-reflective comments it has elicited .The children have universally enjoyed and engaged with Hector and his journey. We offer dog mentoring alongside the workshops and book and find the text to be a complimentary tool in the mentoring process. A great way to explore themes and promote empathy for our amazing furry friends and others. We look forward to a long working relationship with the author and even more of Hector's adventures.

Renata's Visit

Author Renata Kaminska launched the educational book for children Hector, A Dog’s Story that passes taboo of difficult topics in children literacy and presents world through animals’ eyes. The book is already read in 15 countries on 5 continents. To the author's joy, it collects positive feedback from both small and older readers. 




About the Book


Hector, a Dog’s Story tells the beautiful tale of a puppy’s love, friendship and search for happiness, set against the grey reality of the Second World War.  






It is a story that makes us think how the world and our lives might look from a dog’s perspective. Is it really black and white, and is their perception so different from ours? Throughout his journey, Hector shows us that hope never dies, and that for everyone there is happiness waiting. Hector, A Dog’s Story explores the values that should direct our life, and invites the reader to look at the world through different eyes. The novel has been brought to life through the author’s engrossing storytelling, combined with colorful illustrations designed by award-winning Indonesian illustrator, Irfan Budi Harjo.


The author consulted psychologists and gathered feedback from parents and children, as well as animal lovers, and worked closely with well-known American editor, Mary Kole. Hector, a Dog’s Story is supported by 11 organizations, including seven charity foundations. All patrons can be found on the project website: Profits from the sale will go straight to foundations supporting our furry friends and the children who adore them.




‘I want to give what I can to those most in need’ – Renata Kaminska (author)


About the Author


Since the age of 12, Renata Kaminska dreamed of publishing her own novel to raise money for dog and children’s charities. Her idea was to explore how the world, and our lives, would look through the perspective of a dog searching for a home against the backdrop of World War II. Renata has now realized her dream – she has written a beautiful story about love, friendship and a puppy named Hector searching for happiness. 


What are readers saying?


‘A Dog’s Story is a rare opportunity to experience and see life from a dog’s perspective.’


‘I would recommend this book to any other child who is as dog-mad as me!’


‘A touching story of friendship, love and devotion. Every adult and child should read this book to realize that every animal needs our love.’


‘I found this book both powerful and beautiful. It raises thought-provoking questions – often quite challenging – that children can ask themselves.’


How to get book with free gifts?

The hardback book is available in a special edition with the author's signature and free gifts. The book can be purchased at: Amazon or or Waterstones