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Architecture community Project with Antonio Capelao

Children's Designs from Soho

We are so excited to have an Architect and Artist in residence joining us !

Last year Antonio lit up the streets with Soho parish and this year he is with us! We can't wait to get started.

The children helped to curate the installation, but only got to see the winning designs when the lights were switched on by the Mayor of Westminster on November 8.

“Everybody was cheering, really happy and clapping, it was really exciting. They couldn’t believe them,” said Capelao, who has already been asked to run the workshops again next year, when a few more lights will be added. “That’s a sign of how well received it was.”

Capelao regularly runs workshops in schools and emphasised the importance of engaging children in the design process.

“In this country we have one of the most sophisticated design and creative industries in the world. It’s a really big business for the UK,” he said. “So I think engaging kids with conversations about design from a young age gives them a better option of understanding what’s out there in terms of choosing future careers.”

“I’m hoping that they can find solutions to problems by a project learning approach to education, and therefore have the opportunity to be more creative in what they do, and how they learn,” he added.

The school’s headteacher, Louise Ritchie, said: “We’re delighted to be taking part in this innovative project. The children are so excited to see their art in lights, and we hope their contributions will illuminate the school’s place at the heart of the community.”

Next winter, Capelao hopes to run a simultaneous project in New York, and in time to run an exchange of displays between the two locations – showing the London students’ work in New York and vice versa.

Shona Gray, from Newburgh, said: “I just think it’s amazing. A little town like Newburgh has inspired other people to do the same as what we’ve done over so many years.”