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All About Friendship

What is Friendship?
Friendship is having a good relationship with someone, who we call a friend. People in a friendship
have respect and affection for each other... A friend is a person that someone likes or knows.
People who are friends talk to each other and spend time together.
What is friendship?
x Spending time together
x Sharing ideas and treats
x Having similar interests like football, music or gaming
x Having fun
x Respecting each other's differences
x Loyalty, sticking up for each other
x Caring for each other's safety and wellbeing
x Both of you making the effort to make the friendship positive for each other.

 How does a friendship start?
Being a Friend is great! We all need someone to share in our happy times and be there for us
during the sad times. Most of the time this will be with someone who is the same age as you or
has similar interests. You may have similar backgrounds or thoughts about what is right or wrong
which helps them to understand our problems. Friends are needed for support and for sharing.
Everybody needs friends. You can feel very sad and lonely if you don't have someone to play with
and be with – it happens to everybody sometimes.

 Here are some ideas to help you in making
friends and keeping friends.
You are an individual person (unique - only one like you) with lots of different sides to your
character, so you can have different friends who share your different interests.
So you may have different friends with different interests at school, in your
street, in sport clubs, at church or in your family.

 It's good to have a best friend
but it's good to have other friends too.

What some kids have said about their friends:
x Friends are always nice to each other
x Respect your friends and they'll respect you
x I like friends a lot
x Encourage one another to be good
x Nice people are usually good people to be your friends
x Deserting your friends is very unkind
x Sticking up for one another is what good friends do
The important thing to remember is friends help us stay healthy and happy. If a friendship is
making you feel funny in your tummy, upset or unhappy it is important to tell your mum or dad, a
teacher or another grown-up so they can help make things better.  

Could you write your own friendship guide?

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